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Roy Gomez-Cruz

Roy Gomez Cruz’s research examines the political economy of contemporary circus industries in North America under competing modes of transnationalism. Approaching performance ethnographically, his work illuminates how circus troupes perform across national borders by both resisting and reproducing tensions between the circus body imagined as a source of economic capital and circus performance as vessel of creative agency. His interests concerned the critical study of circus, transnational social movements, cultural industries, creative economies and urban spectacles, particularly through the lens of performance, critical race, and queer theory. Of particular interest is practicing a performance-centered pedagogy aimed to provide students with tools for critical thinking, empirical research and artistic expression. Roy’s pedagogical orientation aims to bridge gaps between theory and praxis. By drawing from his two areas of expertise: ethnography and circus studies, his pedagogy seeks to foster inclusive learning as an embodied, empowering and transformative experience.