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Pepe Álvarez

Pepe Álvarez is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher in the theatre, dance, and performance art scenes in Puerto Rico. His solo performance works have been presented in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. He holds and MA in Theatre and Live Arts from the National University of Colombia and a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Puerto Rico. His research project examines the tension between performance art’s economy of the ephemeral and its historical documentation. His work can be located within the field of practice as research and critical performance ethnography with which he deploys creative practices as a framework for advancing the examination and compilation of Puerto Rico’s performance history. Focused on the history of experimental dance in Puerto Rico his research analyzes movement improvisation as an artistic form and a training technique that have been iconically central to the canon of Puerto Rico’s artistic experimentalism, political activism and social performances. He is interested in improvisation as both an object of study and as a methodology that can drive historical research and cultural critique. His areas of research include: dance studies, Latino’s studies queer performance, cultural anthropology critical race, feminist theories, institutional critique, art theory and practice.