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Danielle Ross

Danielle Ross is a choreographer and performer. Her research examines movement-based artists that work in transnational contexts and consider women’s histories which face erasure and absence. Ross’ work asks how motion (both choreographic and geographic) provides an analytic for historicizing and keeping in relation to variously formed lineages. Ross’ project sits at the intersection of Performance Studies, Dance Studies, Black Feminisms, Postcolonial Studies, Transnational Studies, and Women’s Studies. This work considers the relational histories of marginalized groups outside of a framework of the nation or forms of documentation legislated by dominant histories and archival practices. Opposing analytics of capture, Ross’ research considers sensation, affect, and motion as methods for maintaining relationality to lineage. In addition to her research, Ross is an independent artist and choreographer. Her work has been presented across the United States, including Portland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, and Detroit. She has received grants from numerous institutions including the Regional Arts and Culture Council and the Andy Warhol Foundation. Currently, she is working on a solo project titled You Are Not Alone and a duet with Ginger Krebs (School of the Art Institute of Chicago). As a performer, she has worked with Linda Austin, Ayako Kato, lu yim, Bouchra Ouizguen, Zoe|Juniper, and more. Find more at